The European Latin Penfriends are organized by SEPTIMANAE LATINAE EVROPAEAE (Europäische Lateinwochen e.V., Frankfurt / Main, Germany). We invite you to be penfriends with other people in all Europe. Use this opportunity to write in Latin to other pupils, students, and other people interested in Latin, to know other people by means of letters and to make friends with them.
If you, too, are interested in beginning a correspondence in Latin, we offer you the addresses of other interested people ready to reply in Latin. To do this, you only have to fill in and send the application form. Enrolment is free of charge.
If you teach Latin at school, you can enrol in the European Latin Penfriends with your classes. In this case, we shall give you addresses of teachers who teach classes of approximately the same age. Therefore, we ask you to indicate the age of your pupils on the application form.
We shall be delighted about your enrolment for the European Latin Penfriends.

I am a teacher
I am a student
I am a pupil
I am a

I have learnt Latin for years.



Adress, Street::

Postal code, city::


What are your hobbies and special interests?



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